We are authorized dealer of Alpha Products. Alpha Products is a well established manufacturer and supplier of Housekeeping, Kitchen and Laundry Products in india. Our products are known for its Commendable Quality, Competitive Pricing and Comprehensive Range.


We have a wide range of Housekeeping, Kitchen & Laundry Products. Our Product Range comprises of Housekeeping, Kitchen and Laundry products.

Our product range comprises of
– Bathroom Cleaner cum Sanitizer Concentrate A1,
– Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrates A2,
– Glass Cleaner Concentrates A3,
– Furniture Maintainer and Polish A4,
– Room Freshener Liquid A5,
– Toilet Bowl Cleaner A6,
– Floor Cleaner Concentrate A7,
– Carpet Shampoo CS 02,
– Liquid Carpet Detergent CD03,
– Stainless Steel Polish P7 (Ready to use)
– Floor Cleaner Concentrate (for oily floors),
– Oven/Grille Cleaners,
– Sanitizers and Crockery Whiteners,
– Hand Cleansers,
– Disinfectant Tabs (for Vegetable washing).

Our Laundry Range CLAP consists of
– Action Performance Detergents,
– Boosters,
– Souring Liquids,
– Neutralizers,
– Optical Brighteners,
– Fabric Softeners.


Our products are known for its quality, efficacy, and low maintenance cost. We study the customer requirements and deliver products to customer satisfaction. The six “P”s of successful business are PRICE, PRODUCT, PLACE, PACKING, PROMOTION and PERFORMANCE. We are confident to provide result oriented products and it is our constant endeavor to keep our existing, new, and satisfied customers happy.


Our Team of Professional consists of IITians B Tech, Pharma Professionals (Para Medical) Retired Principal, Senior Scientist of National Chemical Laboratory – NCL have enabled us to establish a strong foothold in the competitive market. We have a team of Professional who executes the Business operations in a systematic manner.


Since Inception, we are committed to deliver quality range of House Keeping, Kitchen & Laundry products to the clients and are tested in renowned labs. Owing to our Quality-Assured products & Total Quality Management the company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.


Housekeeping is a science for a cleaner environment. Our Quality Products are developed & formulated to exacting International Specification at our research & development facility in Maryland, USA &  Manufactured & Marketed in India. Our products are custom manufactured to suit individual customer needs & are used by Corporate’s, Hotels, Hospitals, Shipping Cos, Airports, Educational Institutions & Facility Management Companies.