MARBINOL-PLUS HD is a highly concentrated floor cleaner and degreaser containing a blend of surfactants and non-caustic alkalis to remove grease, oil and other types of stubborn grime from a variety of surfaces. Safe to use on any hard surfaces. Leaves surfaces clean with a pleasant fragrance. DIRECTIONS FOR USE For Light Cleaning and General Maintenance
  • Dilute 6-7 ml. per litre of water.
  • Spray, mop or sponge on to hard surfaces like concrete, plastic, metals and rubber. Scrub the surface before hosing away.
Medium Soil and Grease Remover
  • Dilute 20m1 in I litre of water
  • Scrub surface leave for some time and then rinse off.
Heavy Soiling & Build up
  • Dilute upto 90-100 m1 of water
  • Spray, sponge, scrub the surface. Leave for some time agitate if necessary and rinse off with water.
• Quickly remove grease, dirt & grime with minimum effort.
• Can be applied with spray or immersion technique.
• Has a pleasant fragrance.
• Non caustic, non-acidic, solvent free & non-flammable.
• Highly effective for engine degreasing, plant & machinery concrete floors.
• Biodegradable.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  NAT URE: HIGHLY ALKALINE Pack Size 5 Litres For more Information on the product refer to our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)